Bespoke Logo Design London – What Makes Effective Logos?

Bespoke logo design London wide provides a variety of results. Some are excellent depictions of a brand identity while others are instantly forgettable. Naturally, you want your new logo to fall into the former category, but what are the elements which make a logo move from mediocre to great? Partnering with a quality graphic design London freelancer with a track record of delivering logos to clients can help your business branding and marketing make the leap and become brilliant. In order to know if a freelancer knows what they’re talking about, though, you need to know what makes a good logo.

One thing that makes a logo perfect is how appropriate it is in relation to your industry. This may sound boring but think of effective business logos you’ve seen in your industry. It’s likely that they instantly convey a sense of the industry; meaning that people interested in that sector know this is a company they should pay attention to. Business logo design London wide works to convey an impression to the viewer within seconds. If a client has to try too hard to work out what industry you’re in, they’ll just move on to your competitor’s logo, which is far clearer.

There are other key elements of logo design London wide which can make or break a logo. For instance, simple logos are more memorable. If you see a logo fleetingly and yet can tell what it’s about and remember it for later, you’re more likely to use that company. Complex logos can have their place, but effective corporate logo design London is based on simple features that are memorable. Equally, you want your logo to stand the test of time. Some logos that are based on trends of today will date rapidly, and you might have to reinvent your branding again rapidly.

I’m Jason, the owner of JM Graphic Design. I’ve worked with companies across various sectors to develop their branding strategy, starting with logo design and incorporating any other branding elements they need for their business. I know that brand logo design London wide options are varied and, so, I’ve concentrated on becoming the best at what I do. Your logo, whether you’re a corporate company or a small, local business, needs to work hard for you, so let’s start there and develop something fantastic. Learn more on my website at or by calling me direct on 020 7993 4375.