Freelance Graphic Designer London: Why Marketing Needs Graphic Design

Freelance graphic designer London services are often sought out by many companies looking to refresh the branding of their company. For many smaller businesses, this is also equated with updating their logo to a new design. However, there's far more to modern graphic design than just a simple change of logo. Now more than ever, graphic design London based services go hand-in-hand with marketing efforts. So what exactly brought about that change? And is it possible to find graphic designers that also have experience in marketing?

The Reasons Behind Graphic Design London Being Linked With Marketing

While at one point they were seen as different, but inter-connected, careers, the gap between graphic designers and marketers has undoubtedly shortened. In a lot of cases, the gap is even non-existent. Specialists in both the communication and marketing fields have noticed the growing trend for marketers to have at least some knowledge of design tools such as Adobe InDesign. While not entirely strange, it is perhaps a reflection of the modern world. Many careers are now converging as companies try to get more from their employees, and freelancers try to ensure they keep relevant by continually learning new skills. Marketers were long grounded in the world of qualitative market research, surveys, event-co-ordination and so on. While that sounds statistical, there is a degree of creativity in this world. On the flip side, graphic designers find themselves creating advertising and promotional material that is inspired by data collected from market research. This understanding and close relationship with marketers over the years has ensured that many freelance London based graphic designer experts have picked up marketing skills. Even with the best market research and planning, the data and preparations can be useless if the marketing materials fail to capture the attention of potential clients. This is particularly true of London where marketing and advertising materials are certainly not in short supply. However, for smaller businesses with budgets that can't stretch to running a full marketing team, it can be crucial to work with a graphic and logo design London UK company that has experience in creating impactful marketing materials.

Finding The Right Graphic Design Service London

Marketers, particularly digital marketers, require good images and infographics in today's content-heavy world. With so much of our content consumption now taking place visually, rather than via the previously predominant written word, it has never been so important to select the right visual material to accompany a marketing message or article. The 'McDonaldisation' of content is happening right before our very eyes – as content creators churn out as much material as they can in an attempt to stay relevant. For this reason, companies with a limited marketing budget can no longer afford to get their marketing strategy wrong the first time. So that's why they require a graphic design service London way that can deliver. Unfortunately, many marketers settle for designers that can get the job done, but not freelance graphic designer London services that can really capture your brand identity and goals. A good graphic designer will think like a marketer. They will want to understand the potential audience for certain materials, they will want to understand the goals of your business, and they will want to understand why this marketing campaign exists and what it should achieve. So with that in mind, how do you find the right graphic designer to help fulfil your marketing goals? The short answer: get in touch with JM Graphic Design. I, Jason Miller, run a studio focused on graphic design North London way. I am passionate about reaching out to small businesses and offering the opportunity to create impactful marketing messages on a limited budget.

JM Graphic Design Is Run By A Freelance Graphic Designer London Based Expert

Whether you are new to the world of marketing, or a grizzled veteran, we can work together to design items that truly capture the ideas and beliefs of your organisation. I am able to offer a variety of items that can be designed with bespoke branding – such as print and web advertisements, leaflets, brochures, flyers, magazines, posters, banners, web graphics, infographics, business cards, social media promotions and many more. I specialise in providing graphic design London way to small-to-medium sized businesses that achieve terrific results and can punch above the weight of marketing budgets. To find out more about JM Graphic Design's freelance graphic designer London based services, visit, leave a message on our online form or call us on 020 7993 4375.