Best Logo Designers London – What Makes Good Logo Designers?

Best logo designers London based are a precious commodity. It’s very easy for someone to call himself or herself a graphic design London expert and, while they may have design skills, there’s a particular skillset attached to logo design that not every designer is blessed with. A logo is, in effect, a micro snapshot of a business and that means that a logo must be many things to many people. It also should be simple enough for people to remember, and have a strong relationship to a business’s overall branding strategy. Not all designers are equipped to boil their skills down to a simple logo.

Research and understanding a business is key to creating an effective logo. For professional logo design London wide, you need to find an agency that is not only proficient in research, but also one that enjoys it. In essence, what you need is a nosey graphic designer who is willing to ask questions of you and investigate your industry or sector norms. Logo design London has to both simultaneously break the mould for your industry and be recognisable enough for people to be able to categorise you. So, if you’re thinking of working with a graphic designer on your new logo, make sure they’re willing to ask questions.

I’m Jason, the owner of JM Graphic Design, and I work hard to create branding strategies for clients from the logo up. I know that custom logo design London based can make or break a business’s prospects, so I really get to know your business and your industry. I pride myself on meticulous research that is not only going to help me develop your new logo, but will also provide the groundwork for any further branding you need help with. To find out more, visit my website at and browse my case studies. You can also call for a chat on 020 7993 4375.