Web Design North London: Make Your Wix Or Squarespace Look Truly Unique

Web design North London based firms continue to overhaul old websites and design new ones. But in recent years, spurred on by the likes of WordPress, long-term CMS systems such as Squarespace and Wix have finally struck a chord with the public. Both launched over ten years ago, but recent trends in regards to customisation and online content creation – supported by advertising campaigns – has seen both systems welcome a whole host of new website creators. Despite these tools allowing everyday people to create their own websites, many would still rather leave that aspect to professional web design or graphic design London specialists.

How Graphic Design London Specialists Can Help Boost Your Squarespace Site

Formed in 2003, and first launched in 2004, Squarespace's growth has been gradual. As of 2014, it was thought that approximately 1,000 new customers signed up to the service each day. In 2017, the company was on the increasingly prestigious Forbes Cloud 100 list at number ten. If you regularly listen to podcasts, particularly those that are tech-orientated, it's pretty hard to miss the service being advertised. Despite its ability to allow just about anyone to create their own website, Squarespace is rather averse to involving professional web designers and developers in the creation of websites. While North London web designers could be hired to design and brand a Squarespace website from scratch, it's harder to do once you've got a site up and running. Still, a professional can advise on branding, fonts, colours, messages, SEO content and they can also help with social media campaign graphics and content ideas. This could help you get the best out of your Squarespace website. Additionally, Squarespace has its own basic logo creation system. However, if you would like to have a more professional logo that has more chance of standing out – and suits the message that you are trying to get across with your brand – it's definitely worth contacting one of the best North London web design services to provide you with a truly professional logo. Freelance web designer London services play an important role in allowing businesses to completely overhaul their website's look and feel.

North London Web Design Options With Wix

Founded in Tel Aviv, Israel during 2006, Wix growth was steady throughout the years. However, its big change in fortune seemed to coincide with moving its site builder from flash-based technology to HTML5 in 2012. Since then, Wix has grown to encompass (as of early 2017) over 100 million – with a big focus on small businesses. Thankfully, Wix is more of an open platform for web designers than Squarespace. In December 2017, the site introduce Wix Code – opening up options for the likes of North London web design specialists, as well as web developers. There are now far more tools to utilise in order to make a Wix website suit your brand. But even without the introduction of Wix Code, the base platform allows web designers to create stunning websites. While anyone can take a stab at trying to design the right website on Wix, it is still worth nothing the importance of hiring web design North London companies. Expert web designers tend to have years of experience in designing websites both inside and outside of Wix. Because of this, they bring with them an understanding of what fonts and colours to use together, as well as the importance of site placement and, of course, the creation of special graphics and bespoke logos. One such web design Barnet, London based specialist is Jason Miller of JM Graphic Design. Proficient in designing websites across a number of CMS platforms – including Squarespace and Wix – I, Jason Miller, have built up a reputation for helping small businesses achieve impactful branding on budget.

Find Stunning Brand Solutions From Web Design North London Firm JM Graphic Design

I am very passionate about delivering clients with results that resonate with their brand and their identity. By carefully asking the right questions, and through an intuitive understanding of what is unique about the client's business, I work to deliver branding results that completely refresh the look and feel of existing businesses. Despite being a graphic design London firm, JM Graphic Design is able to offer its services to companies across the country. As well as logo, branding and marketing material design, I also provide web design North London way to users of popular platforms such as WordPress, Squarespace and Wix. For more on my services, and to see a selection of work from my portfolio, simply visit https://www.jmgraphicdesign.com. To chat with me today, call 020 7993 4375 or send a message via the online contact form.