Graphic Design London: When Correctly Done, It Can Transform Your Brand Identity

Graphic design London based services can play a key role in revitalising the branding of businesses across the capital, the country and the world. However, this isn't as simple as replacing your business or organisation's old logo, changing some colours and choosing a brand new font – it is a far more nuanced process. Brand, identity and logo are all interconnected features of your company's outward image, but they are all distinct. Understanding how good graphic design affects your branding is key to finding the right identity.

Understanding Freelance Graphic Designer London Based Services

It is important to start by understanding what exactly graphic design service London based companies are, what they can do and what they don't do. Artists, illustrators and graphic designers can often be perceived as being much alike, but that would be an erroneous viewpoint. While artists and illustrators may share some commonalities – they both respond to an idea by creating a visual interpretation of that idea – a graphic designer serves a very different purpose. Designers want to communicate an idea. They can do this either by using photography, graphics, illustrations, or a combination of all of these creative outputs. A good way to understand the difference is to think of a dressmaker or tailor in comparison to a costume designer. While the dressmaker or tailor makes the actual clothing, the costume designer for a theatre production or TV show is tasked with finding costumes that fit in with the wider vision of the production. So think of a freelance graphic designer London way as an expert who is good at finding the right costume (or image) for your company. However, it's worth noting that graphic design London wide is not just restricted to curation – confusingly, graphic designers can often be illustrators and artists too!

Branding Or Logo Design London

Both branding and logo design London can end up being intrinsically linked. When clients want a new logo, they almost always want new business cards, new letter and document designs and so on so forth. This is often seen as the way to cultivate a new brand. But it's important to create a distinction between branding and logo design. A new logo doesn't instantly equate a new brand. The brand has to come from the company – and the designer is the person who helps to create the visuals behind that idea. It's why we often see some freelance logo designer London services offering cheap logo creation. They aren't offering any sort of branding and, as such, logos end up being basic or ill thought out. As such, clients are left with new logos – but no new branding. A good graphic design London based expert, with true understanding of branding, will spend time with you and ask all of the right questions to ensure they understand your brand. What does your organisation stand for? What makes it unique? What are the values of the company? These answers help give the ideas and inspiration that a graphic designer needs to help create the visuals that help build the identity of your business or organisation.

How A Freelance Web Designer London Can Help With Branding Or Logo Design

So as has been established above, graphic design, branding and logo creation go hand-in-hand – but they are all distinct. A freelance web designer London is yet another person who should play a large part in this process. As a brand refresh almost always includes the creation of a new logo, new letter or document graphics, new colours and new fonts, there also needs to be a new look for the organisation's website. Since websites have taken on such vital commercial role in the 21st century, it is important that your splash page is in keeping with – perhaps even leading – the rest of your brand refresh. But web design is more than just a new look; it's about finding the right background systems, the right content management system (CMS) and the right written content. You need tools that allow you to demonstrate the full capabilities of your brand, and you need words that reflect the values of your company. For example, websites today require responsive web design London options as most people access the web via mobile devices. Responsive web design allows your website to fit perfectly to the screen size of the user's device – whether they are accessing it from a Windows PC or an iPhone. Despite all of this, web design overhauls can often be left out of marketing efforts.

Finding The Right Graphic Or Web Design North London Company

So with this all in mind, it should be clear that it is important to have the right graphic designer and web designer in place. While there is always an option of hiring two separate individuals or teams for this process, this can create difficulties. If two separate people have two separate ideas for how things should look or operate, it can cause tension. This requires you to navigate these opinions and settle on the right direction for your brand. However, it is possible to find a graphic designer that can offer web design North London based services too. This is a great way for smaller, local businesses to benefit from the expertise of both disciplines, especially given the budgetary concerns that face such businesses and organisations. It also allows both aspects of this brand refresh to be tackled by the same person or people. This won't leave you having to moderate butting heads, and means that you will receive a strategy and approach that is conducive to a positive outcome. One such freelance North London web design and graphic designer that provides both of these services can be found at JM Graphic Design.

JM Graphic Design Is The Only Graphic Design London Company You Need

JM Graphic Design is run by myself; Jason Miller. Passionate about meeting all of the graphic and web design needs of local businesses in London, I seek to be the first (and only) point of contact for small businesses (new or existing) in need of developing brand identity. As part of my graphic design London wide services, I am able to devise new logos, packaging, website graphics and promotional materials. As part of my web design services, I can help you build a new website, I can offer enhanced social media presence, and I can make sure that your website text is SEO friendly. For more on JM Graphic Design, and to see my portfolio, just visit If you'd like to talk about your ideas, contact me via 020 7993 4375 or via the website's contact form.