Logo Design London: The Importance Of A Good Logo

Logo design London services are, as can be imagined, very popular. With record highs of businesses being formed in 2016 (more than 650,000), more businesses than ever require the creation of both a brand and a logo. With many of those new businesses cropping up in London, they look to hire a graphic design London based expert to help craft their brand new emblem. And on top of that, many thousands of businesses re-brand themselves throughout the course of a year – meaning that they also require a new look to help usher in that fresh start.

What Makes Logo Graphic Design London Services So Vital?

A common misconception made by businesses – particularly those starting out – is that they see too much of their brand in their logo. True, a logo should most definitely be a great representation of your brand, but it isn't where your brand begins and ends. It's part of a wider picture. Nevertheless, it is the image that will likely stick with clients (and potential clients) for years to come – that is, if you get it right the first time around! That being said, it's important to realise that a logo is not just about crafting a pretty picture. For example, an artist could produce one of the most conventionally beautiful, photorealistic paintings on the planet. Yet without any style or individuality to associate it with a particular artist, it's likely that you won't remember the painter; but you will recognise a Van Gogh, a Michelangelo, a Dali or a Banksy. Similarly, you don't want the most conventionally beautiful logo – you need a logo that fits your business' style, uniqueness and its wider brand. If you're a lawyer or an accountant, a logo with cartoon cupcakes, unicorns and rainbows is hardly going to fit (unless, of course, your brand is rather unconventional!) On the flip side, you don't want something overly mundane and cheap looking either. This is why it's important to always find a bespoke logo design London based company to design your emblem. Avoid cheap business logo design London firms that will deliver a logo without even speaking to you or understanding your brand or business identity. Many marketers settle for designers that can get the job done, but not freelance graphic designer London services that can really capture your brand identity and goals.

What To Look For From The Best Logo Designers London

There are quite a few commonalities that all great logos share. Not necessarily from an aesthetic point of view, but rather in that they share commonalities in their backstory and construction. These are some of the elements that the best logo designers London and UK wide will be able to identify. For example, shape should play an important part in any logo. That shape should suit everything from a sign on your company HQ, down to how it appears on letterheads. Think about the iconic logos for companies such as Mastercard or Adidas, and how these logos have become recognisable due to their striking usage of shape. Then there is, of course, colour. Not only should it match your branded colours, the choice of pigment, tone and tint can all tell different stories. Red can convey both adrenaline and love; whereas a metallic tint makes you think of vehicles and equipment. Font plays an equally important role in conveying your brand. While almost every logo shares those three aforementioned elements, every logo plays with these elements in different ways. However, there is one part of logo design London that is, arguably, the most important aspect of emblem creation: identifying what makes your company unique. For example, let's go back to the imagined cupcakes, unicorns and rainbows logo. It may not be right for a lawyer, but it may be right for someone running a cute, youthful, kitsch cafe. It's important to find a freelance logo designer London way that wants to understand your business, your mantras and your story. Thankfully, that's exactly what I do at JM Graphic Design.

Find Quality Logo Design London Wide With JM Graphic Design

At JM Graphic Design, a graphic design London based studio, I don't put limits on how long a logo should take to construct. Need something fast? I will work to make that happen. But with time and understanding of your business and its goals, I can construct a logo that captures the identity of your business and fits in with your brand. In fact, I can even help you with your brand identity design, business cards, leaflets, packaging and so on so forth. I specialise in offering logo design London services to smaller, local businesses. To see my extensive portfolio, please visit https://www.jmgraphicdesign.com. If you have any questions, or would like a quote, you can either call myself on 020 7993 4375 or use the contact form on the website. I look forward to hearing from you!