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Having built my own freelance graphic design business, I’ve had to face the same challenges.

How do you start building your professional portfolio? Or do you still struggle to consistently produce great results within a reasonable timeframe? Wonder how to scale the entire identity design process down to meet your clients needs/budgets?

The courses, tutorials and resources I’m sharing here are designed to help you answer these, and many other questions students and designers face.

Brand Identity Design, including the logo design process, running a business, and surpasing clients expectations – find it all here.

Something for all levels

We never stop learning, refining and comparing what we do with others in the industry.

So even if you’re a veteran graphic designer yourself, I’ll bet there’s something valuable I could learn from you – and likely a few things I could share that you’ll find insightful.

If you’re a student or in the very early stages of your career; this won’t go over your head.

My preferred method of teaching is by sharing experiences. A ‘behind the scenes’ look at the brand identity design processes, workflows and techniques that have worked for me. This form of hands-on ‘virtual learning’ means there should be something different for everyone to take away from courses, at all levels.

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