Logo Designer – London, Barnet / Enfield

What makes a great logo?

It should act as an inanimate salesman, communicating on behalf of your business. It’s important to understand that a logo on its own is not a brand identity, just part of it. However when all the pieces of your identity come together, each piece should play it’s part to convey; Who your are, What you do & How you do it. All of which needs to convince a potential client or customer that they simply MUST work with you or purchase your product. It should leave them wanting more!

Think of your logo as the central, defining piece in your brand identity as a whole. Ensure it aligns visually with other elements of your branding and key messages in a cohesive and effective way.

How long does the process take?

Or the prudent question might be, how long should the process take. The more time you invest, the better the results will be.

If you have a tight deadline to meet or have left this later than you’d have liked; there are ways of speeding things up while ensuring nothing essential is omitted. But whatever you do, don’t have a logo designed just to ‘look pretty’. Have it done properly. It won’t cost you a fortune & will pay for itself many many times over.


Logo Design: Assorted Logos

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Assorted Logo Designs

Logo Design Project: Carrara Aesthetics

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logo designer london

Logo Design Project: Davis Contractors

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Davis Contractors logo design

Logo Design Project: Bullion Elite

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Bullion Elite logo design

Logo Design Project: Bakersport

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Bakersport Logo Design Project

Logo Design Project: The Beauty Stop

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Logo Design Project

Logo Design Project: Hubois

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Hubois Logo Design Project

Logo & Identity Design: The Portrait Boutique London

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The Portrait Boutique Logo & Identity Design Project

Logo Design

should always communicate exactly what your business is about, what makes it unique and what to expect from it in just one glance.

Achieving this effect is something which requires experience, extensive training in the way humans perceive things visually, and an aptitude for developing exciting, bold concepts.

As an experienced logo designer I will do just that, taking the essence of your business or product and translating it into a simple, yet outstanding and visually stimulating logo.

The first phase is of course to speak on the phone, correspond via email or to meet, (particularly if you are in London, I’m based in Barnet / Enfield).

It’s important your logo represents your business accurately, so I need to learn what you do and how you do it – in order to translate this into a design. The logo must also appeal to your clients / customers, so once we establish who they are I’ll perform research aimed at discovering their likes & dislikes.

Your competition need to be taken into consideration; you’ll want to build on any established expectations for a business in your industry, (e.g. banks = trust & security) but also bring something new to the table; a new angle your competitors haven’t taken.

With the insights gained from the process above, we can then start generating concepts that fit the criteria required. Concepts will become sketches, designs, refined designs, and finally a logo you can’t wait to share with your customers.