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Design Processes – a road-map for Branding & Web Design

What is the process for a brand identity project? What steps does a Graphic Designer take to create a logo? How long does it take to have a website developed? All good questions… Having a clear, tried and tested process is important for both you the designer and your clients. It adds a layer of transparency to the entire project and ensures both parties know exactly where they are, with a realistic idea what lies ahead of them. I’m sharing my design processes for both Branding & Web Design – mainly because these are ice-berg projects. Much of the real work lies hidden beneath the surface. Unless you have a background knowledge of brand identity or web design and development, …


The Portrait Boutique London – Brand Identity Design

I was commissioned to create a Brand Book / Manual & Full Branding for the Portrait Boutique London. They are a high end female portraiture studio, offering a bespoke service for a discerning clientele. Brand Identity, Logo Design, colour scheme, typography and usage are all outlined in this brand book. The Brand is minimal, minimalist, simple, dark, gold, white, refined, elegant and clean. This was very much a collaborative project, with Hannah Simpson providing some stunning visual elements for use in the Branding. Nobody knows your business better than you do, & as is so often the case, the more involved you become in the branding process; the better the outcome.

Business-Cards jmg

Behind the Scenes; new branding for JM Graphic Design

In line with my updated branding, I’ve completed a cosmetic overhaul of the entire JM Graphic Design website. I also created a brand manual – which may seem unnecessary as I am in creative control of my own branding and marketing material; however keeping branding consistent is essential and even a designer can lose track of the initial design decisions, goals and brand values – if they aren’t down in writing with clear explanations. I hope sharing this look at the process behind the scenes will provide an insight into my design process, what’s included in a comprehensive brand manual & the importance of establishing clear brand guidelines. Real consistency can’t be achieved without them.

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Logo Design & Book Cover Artwork for WithLove.London

With Love Dot London are location photographers who create experiences in London. With their flagship shoot style inspired by fashion, they commissioned me to create a Mobile friendly website that would look and feel just like a high end fashion blog. I also designed the simple but effective logo, and spent a considerable amount of time hand-drawing the signature artwork for the brand; a fine-liner style sketch of London’s most famous landmarks. I then overlaid text on the artwork with a silk-screen effect. The artwork forms the cover of a digital book each and every client will receive along with their 2 hour photo-shoot. The cover artwork was also overlaid in gold fold on a special black edition book, which I …

Brand Manual Pearlie Care Logo Design London Branding

Branding – Full Brand Identity & Logo Design for Pearlie Care

Pearlie Care is a Support and Counselling Clinic based in Barnet, London – by Patricia Ramzi; a Psychotherapist registered with the British Association of Psychotherapists. She is trained in Person Centred Counselling which is a humanistic approach, Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT) along with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). She has worked with a variety of clients, dealing with mixture of issues including Anxiety, Depression, Loss, Addiction and Bereavement and many others. I was commissioned to create full brand identity for Pearlie Care. Patricia gave me the concept of a butterfly emerging from a Pearl; representing the transformation from something already beautiful with potential, to something truly amazing, set free and helped to flourish by Pearlie Care. The branding was to be gentle and …

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Behind the scenes; Branding Process for JB Mortgages

Here’s another little sneak peak at the way I work; at all the hard work that really goes on during a project, between the initial consultation and the polished end result… This is by no means every step we took in developing the logo for JB Mortgages… far from it! However this showcases some of the milestones along the way; a little of the strategy, sketches, development and implementation of the logo design. The branding as a whole takes a little longer and is more involved, but the logo is the cornerstone around which I like to build the rest of the brand.

Website Design London Barnet Enfield Southgate

JB Mortgages – Website Design & Development

As well as full brand identity design, I designed and developed a website for JB Mortages. Powered by WordPress, fully responsive, mobile friendly and optimised for SEO, this bespoke site was first mocked up and conceptualised visually. Once the visual mockups were signed off, the site build began behind the scenes, was launched privately (only the client may view the site by logging into a secure portal) and then final developments and adjustments were made. The site features strong visuals, which help reassure visitors they have found a company dedicated to helping them; all of the imagery has been carefully sourced on stock photography sites to appeal to potential customers in the London Property market. I’m a strong believer in …

JMG Mock_Up

Updated Branding for JM Graphic Design

As of 21st May 2017… We’ve updated our Branding Gone is the Red & Black colour scheme & thumbprint logo – replaced by a more refined Monogram logo along with a black and white colour palette. Why? To better reflect my approach; simple, clear design which attracts the right kind of attention. The Red logo had been used since 2013, and utilised a subtle thumbprint behind the “JM”; a fingerprint being the perfect symbol of unique identity. However the new Monogram better reflects diversity. It is more subtle, less heavily stylised than the previous logo; fitting, as I must appeal to a wide range of clients, creating their brands in widely ranging styles. It also better represents the high level of service I provide to …

Bakersport branding and identity design london Bakersport branding and identity design london jm graphic design

Branding for Bakersport Racing

Bakersport are a motorsport team offering arrive and drive racing and track day driving experience packages. Wanting to create a brand which appeals to customers, to sponsors and sits nicely alongside the high impact brands lining the racetrack; they commissioned me to design a new company logo. After playing with some initial ideas, we soon gravitated toward a heavily stylised symbol with the “Bakersport Racing” written in full beneath; it’s important to ensure legibility, and while the BS is quite apparent, it’s abstract enough to require the support of the wording around it. The word Bakersport is bold enough to draw attention, with the heavy character spacing in “racing” adding a pleasing contrast to the design, as well as creating a real …

web design - cameo photography

Wedding Photography Website – for London based Cameo Photography

I was commissioned to design and develop a Wedding Photography London Website – for London based Cameo Photography. The site ties in beautifully with the new branding created for the wedding division of the business, using soft pastel colours, classic typefaces and a textured background to mimic the Italian Gesso Paper used in their stationary. Cameo have been wedding photographers in london for many years and have established themselves as one of the leading wedding photographers in the country. View the full website at:    

Social Media Banner design

A simple but eye-catching social media banner – designed for Shake Harlem; Enfields favourite milkshake & juice bar.

do i need a web designer barnet enfield london

Do I need a Web Designer? What kind of Website do I need?

Gone are the days of custom made, hand coded websites being the only option available; if you’re in the market for a new website, there are now an overwhelming range of options to choose from. I’m a London based web designer in Barnet / Enfield, and many of my clients are unsure what’s right for them. They know they need a website. But do they hire a web designer? Will they need a site built completely from scratch, or based around a template? Do they attempt to build one themselves using one of the increasingly popular “build your site online for free” type services? If you’re asking any of the questions above, this article is just for you. To discover which …

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What services does a Graphic Designer provide?

“Hi you’re a graphic designer aren’t you? I’m not sure if this is something you can help with, I’m looking for…” is the opening sentence of many a phone call I receive. So I thought I’d write this article to briefly outline the different services a graphic designer might provide (although dependent on their individual specialization) Print Design. If you’re looking for something to be designed & eventually printed, this should fall right into a Graphic Designer’s field of expertise. They are experts in both the visual intricacies of pleasing layout design and the delicate process of getting what you see on a back-lit computer screen to print out as expected. This requires knowledge of industry colour profiles, spot colours, proofing techniques, and …

Social Media Promotion – Shake Harlem

Shake Harlem is a stylish milkshake bar in Enfield Town London. Constantly innovating and coming up with exciting new ideas, they decided to launch a seasonal range of hot milkshakes – which would be featured in a range of social media promotions, as well as banners on their website. I was commissioned to design two banners that could be adapted to fit different dimensions if required, promoting the new hot milkshakes as well as a special offer on hot waffles available for a limited time at the store. Shake Harlem combines the famously retro look and feel of the traditional milkshake bar with a modern twist, so we were sure to reflect this in the style of the promotions. The …

perk me up brand identity logo design and vehicle signage

Perk me Up – Logo Design & Vehicle Signage

Perk me Up is a business that fulfills a need; and that need is supplying quality, authentic hot coffee to various locations around enfield in north london. Heather Johnson identified this need having received feedback from many of the local office workers & servicemen that you have to “walk miles to get a good coffee”, and that there was no time to get to a coffee shop and back on a break. So with Perk me up, she decided to bring the coffee to them! Heather had already purchased a van and had it converted with all the bells and whistles when she contacted me to design a logo & vehicle signage. I immediately loved the idea, and so we …

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How much should I pay for a logo design?

First of all, you need to determine whether you’re asking the right question! The majority of businesses require much more than a lone logo design – they need a carefully crafted brand identity to communicate on behalf of their company; often designed in light of extensive research and brand strategy. Even if you are a small business owner, this process can be scaled down to meet your budgetary requirements; but should still include some key factors that a logo alone cannot meet. When you decide to market your business, what tone or style should the advert adhere to? If you have a website designed, is this still communicating the same message? Is a logo enough to tie your business cards, letterheads, marketing …

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Branded USB stick design for Cameo Photography

Usb boxes designed for Cameo Photography in line with their existing wedding branding. The box is covered in a rich linen with the logo printed on the front, featuring a flush hinged top that lifts to reveal the usb stick. The padded cushion supporting the memory stick itself can be cut to any shape or size, so there is no risk of the device rattling around inside the box. These usb cases come in a range of finishes and designs, including matt & gloss with completely bespoke cover designs to match your branding. What I really like about them is the fact they take something that might easily be lost, misplaced or crushed – and both protect it and present it …