I’m Jason Miller, freelance London based Web/Graphic Designer

I’m passionate about design and enjoy working closely with many local businesses, as the first point of contact for any and all of their design needs, whether producing promotional material for marketing campaigns or creating and developing their brand identity, social media presence or websites.

I turn good ideas into great design & content with measurable results that surpass your expectations.

My diverse range of skills enable me to work with you right from concept creation & strategy through to execution, whether it be print, web, media campaign or packaging.

Graphic Designer London

Based in Barnet / Enfield specialising in branding, logo design, marketing and Web Design.

I adopt a very strategic approach, and believe design must be above all things fit for purpose. Research informs decisions, which must always take into account your brand’s strengths & weaknesses, your audience, competition and the ever changing market. Once the strategy is clear and focused, I enjoy unleashing my creativity to produce engaging & aesthetically pleasing design solutions.

My goal is to provide businesses with the tools they need to reach the next level of success, & I find doing so immensely satisfying.



I provide a wide range of branding and brand identity services and will gladly work with you to build yours from the ground up.

Let me create a brand which will generate more business & get you noticed for the right reasons. Allow people to see exactly who you are and the incredible experience you can offer them before they even walk through your front door.

A strong brand stands out in a crowded marketplace.

Achieving this effect is something which requires experience, extensive training in the way humans perceive things visually, research, sound strategy and an aptitude for developing exciting, bold concepts.

People fall in love with brands, trust them and invest in them emotionally.

How your brand is perceived will affect its success.



What makes a great logo?

It should act as an inanimate salesman, communicating on behalf of your business. Who your are, What you do, How you do it… all of which needs to convince a potential client or customer that they simply MUST work with you or purchase your product. It should leave them wanting more!

How long does the process take?

Or the prudent question might be, how long should the process take. The more time you invest, the better the results will be.

If you have a tight deadline to meet or have left this later than you’d have liked; there are ways of speeding things up while ensuring nothing essential is omitted. But whatever you do, don’t have a logo designed just to ‘look pretty’. Have it done properly. It won’t cost you a fortune & will pay for itself many many times over.



Websites are the ‘Front Door’ for most businesses,

so without both a strong online presence and impressive website, you may soon find yourself unable to keep up with the competition.

Clarity, Elegance & Impact…

Websites should be visually engaging, intuitive and easy to navigate. In my opinion nothing creates a worse impression than an unattractive or cluttered website – no matter how good the business which lies behind it!

Providing value for money without compromising on quality.

I offer the ideal web design service for small to medium sized businesses at very competitive prices, using the latest CMS systems such as WordPress and Joomla.



Ensure your Marketing Material & Advertisements attract the RIGHT kind of attention.

The effort is well worth the reward. I can work with you to create adverts & promotions that will get you the right kind of attention & make your product or service appeal to the people you really want to attract.

Some of the many items I can design:

  • Leaflets & Flyers
  • Magazines & Brochures
  • Print Advertisements
  • Web Advertisements
  • Showreels
  • Posters & Banners
  • Web Graphics
  • Infographics
  • Business Cards
  • Social Media Promotions
  • Vehicle Graphics



I employ a wide range of digital media types to create bespoke illustrations from simple cartoons to breath-taking photo-realistic scenes.

Digital Illustration provides the ability to communicate feelings, attitudes and an atmosphere using computer generated digital images.

I’ve produced custom digital artwork for everything from book covers and magazine ads to bespoke web graphics and digital paintings.



If you offer a great product or service, or have a business idea and need to build a brand that will really attract the right customers – please get in touch and let me hear all the details!

I equally enjoy working with established businesses to improve their branding, website, social media or marketing strategies.

Call me on  0751 212 5994

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