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NEW CLASS | Brand Identity Process: Achieve better results, spend HALF the time

View the class preview here;   View the full class on Skillshare here; https://skl.sh/3c98Jdi     Do you wish you could stream-line your brand identity design process? Do you still struggle to consistently produce great results within a reasonable timeframe? Wonder how to scale the entire identity design process down to meet your clients needs/budgets? Or are you interested in …

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2020 Video Portfolio

For those of you who’d prefer to sit back and enjoy viewing examples of my recent work without having to navigate across any pages. A fair mixture of my work on Luxury brands, Corporates and some specialised work for Photographers is included here. Enjoy!  

Remote Meetings Video Calls

Remote Meetings VS in-person?

Even before the Corona Virus outbreak, many of my clients have preferred meeting virtually – via Skype, Whatsapp video etc. It saves time, money, is better for the environment (lower carbon footprint due to no commute) and in light of the COVID-19 outbreak; is now a little safer for all! Is it as effective as meeting in person? You may …

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Check out my new class on Skillshare

Start Your Journey as a Freelance Graphic Designer (CLICK HERE) Check out my new class on Skillshare, just click the link above. Skillshare is a great way to develop your skillset at a time and a pace convenient to you. I’ve used it for many years, and when they invited me to create my own class I was excited to take …


Startup Branding / Brand Identity

Getting your startup off the ground can be overwhelming, with so much to do and often a limited timeframe to do it. Establishing a professional brand identity is an important factor, and not one that should be overlooked. Even at the earlier stages, having your branding in place sends a positive message to potential investors and shows that you are …

Lead Magnets

Lead Magnets – Tips for an effective Promotional Pop-up

Lead Magnets, Promotional Pop-ups, Opt-in Forms, Subscription Incentives… all different names for the same thing; essentially something you offer potential buyers, clients or followers in exchange for their contact information. There are a number of ways to go about this, but here are some tips to ensure you succeed: Make it pop! Expecting Photography (shown above) is a great example; …

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Adobe Illustrator Tip – Using the Shape Builder

When you’re in the zone and trying to explore concepts as fast as they come to you, speed is everything. Nothing lets you throw simple shapes together to explore concepts like the shape builder in Illustrator… here’s how: We’ll assume you’ve sketched out an idea but now need to quickly build it digitally and experiment with a number of iterations.  The great …

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Art Expo Poster Design – HP SmartStream D4D – Beta Testing

HP have come up with a truly exciting innovation for designers; an Adobe Illustrator plugin which allows you to randomise certain elements of your design – providing an almost infinite number of possibilities. It also means you could create a series of posters, beer bottles, or other item of packaging where every single version was unique. That just wouldn’t have been possible in …

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Tools of the Trade

Tools of the trade for a freelance designer? I know what you’re going to say; “A 15”macbook pro, Wacom tablet, Adobe CC subscription”. Yes, absolutely. I’m sure 9 of out 10 designers use those invaluable tools 365 days a year… I’m one of them. But what they don’t tell you when you embark on your journey as a freelance graphic …

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Design Processes – a road-map for Branding & Web Design

What is the process for a brand identity project? What steps does a Graphic Designer take to create a logo? How long does it take to have a website developed? All good questions… Having a clear, tried and tested process is important for both you the designer and your clients. It adds a layer of transparency to the entire project …