Conductor directing symphony orchestra with performers on background, hands close-up.

Marketing Impact – Bringing the pieces together

Your marketing efforts could be compared to an orchestra, where it’s the combined results of several instruments playing in harmony that lead to success. If just one instrument is off, it can destroy everyone else’s efforts in short order. The conductor? Well that’s usually a marketing agency, expert, or – these days for small businesses – often the business owner …

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2020 Video Portfolio

For those of you who’d prefer to sit back and enjoy viewing examples of my recent work without having to navigate across any pages. A fair mixture of my work on Luxury brands, Corporates and some specialised work for Photographers is included here. Enjoy!  

Freelance Graphic Designer London

Tips For Hiring A Freelance Graphic Designer

Unless you work in the graphic design industry, understanding the finer details of design for your website may be overwhelming. However, it is essential to get these details right if your website is to stand out for the right reasons. If you don’t have the skills and experience needed, then one answer is to hire a freelance graphic designer in …