Conductor directing symphony orchestra with performers on background, hands close-up.

Marketing Impact – Bringing the pieces together

Your marketing efforts could be compared to an orchestra, where it’s the combined results of several instruments playing in harmony that lead to success. If just one instrument is off, it can destroy everyone else’s efforts in short order.

The conductor? Well that’s usually a marketing agency, expert, or – these days for small businesses – often the business owner themselves. (Although this can be very risky! Consider finding a marketing professional to take the lead on your campaign.)

What instruments are needed? Well just as with an orchestra, there are some key parts to be played, and you’ll definately need; A Graphic Designer, a Copywriter – and likely either a Photographer or at least a budget to license stock photography.

To enhance, add depth, and promote the piece, you may then need; An illustrator, a digital marketer, a social media marketer… and many more.

The role of the Graphic Designer is to work on the brief provided by the ‘conductor’ (whomever is leading the marketing campaing) and create something that will engage and communicate effectively with the target audience of the campaign. They may then recommend certain imagery or illustration is used to enhance the piece, and may even recommend commissing bespoke photography or illustration, depending on budget.

However, although laying out the copy, the graphic designer should not be asked to produce the marketing copy! This is where a skilled copywriter comes in; you can provide a skeleton, and they will create appropriate copy to really draw your audience in. It’s not hard to find one, have a look at peopleperhour and choose one within budget, with good reviews.

Once the piece is ready, this is where the services of a digital or social media marketer can really ensure the correct audience are seeing it, your budget has measurable targets (and constraints!) – and will usually provide you with some realistic goals, so that ultimately you can weigh up the success of the campaign.

Yes, it can be daunting trying to co-ordinate so many moving parts – but hiring the right experts to help will save you both time and money. Mistakes can be costly, while getting things right the first time can literally make or break a start-up business.